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Permaplate Complete Appearence Protection

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PermaPlate Complete Appearence Protection provides you with all the following benefits:

7-Year Cosmetic Warranty Protection…
-Liquid Co-Polymer "Permanent Paint" Environmental Shield
-No need to WAX Vehicle EVER again
-Protective Treatment on all carpet & cloth surfaces

-Leather UV and Stain-Guard Treatment

-UV Protection for Dash board, trim and rear shelf

This product exceeds all of AccessoryWerks strict standards of quality, ease of use, durabilty and functionality. Only Select products will earn the A-Rated seal of approval

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7 Year Warranty on the Outside & Inside of your car!

Protect your investment from the all the hazards that make it feel old fast. From acid rain damage to ripped leather seats; The PermaPlate Complete Appearance Protection Package will save you time, hassle and money. With the permanent exterior application, not only will you receive the most complete coverage, you also NEVER need to apply a coat of wax again. A simple trip through your local car wash will do. Feel free to eat in your car again, and no longer live with the fear of spilling that Mocha Latte! With PermaPlate, We have you covered. We will send a service out to clean or repair your damaged interior where ever you are, and if they cannot clean or repair the damage, we will replace it with factory equipment. See the full listing of coverage below.

– Weather induced Fading
– Weather induced Loss of gloss
– Insect damage
– Weather induced Chalking
– Bird droppings
– Sun's UV Damage
– Acid rain
– Hard Water Spots
– Accidental paint overspray
– De-icing agents/road salts
– Ocean spray

On over 40 millions vehicles, PermaPlate is the ultimate protection package. Protect your vehicle's interior from:

– Fast Food
– Bleaches & Dyes
– Sun's UV rays
– Beverage stains
– Fading and discoloration
– Cracking of the dash
– Bleaches
– Mold and mildew
– Inks
– Chewing Gum
– Crayons
– Lipstick and Make-Up
– Blood, Urine and Vomit
– Rips and Tears up to 6 inches in length
– Burns & Punctures up to 1 in in diameter




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