The RD950 Radar Detector


If you are a Chicagoland driver looking for dependable radar and laser protection, you’ll want to check out the K40 RD950 Radar Detector at Accessory Werks. This portable system provides all band radar and laser detection, and features the innovative K-Brand Filter, which can eliminate false alerts that come from radar-based OEM accessories in your car or in those around you.

This is an easy to install, portable system that you can rely upon to provide exceptional protection from speeding tickets wherever you drive.

Fully Programmable

Flexible Mute Options – The system provides a variety of ways to mute alerts, including automatic volume reduction.
Filter – You have three sensitivity options to choose from that can be customized according to where and how you drive.
Dim – Adjust the brightness level of the display to suit the time of day or your visual preference.
Accessories Included – All that you need to install the RD950 is included.
Voice or Tone plus Display – Audible and visual alerts warn you of the specific police radar band that targets your vehicle, and also provides a “Geiger” audio warning that accelerates as your vehicle gets closer to the source.
Vibrant Dot Matrix Display – Clear and easy to read display.

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